Stefan Elstner
Mobile application development
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Unity
Backend development
.NET, PHP, SQL, Sharepoint 2013
Web application development
HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Programmierstube Blog about different clever solutions that came up while working on projects Zulu 5 Ad Fraud Monitoring platform PHP, .NET, MySQL KKSTR Leading and most beautiful soccer fantasy league management app in Germany Obj-C, .NET, MySQL, Redis 4D-Medien Build your own channel with different kind of media and have it connected with augmented reality Obj-C, .NET, Mongo-DB MMC Marketing management platform, easing the communication and processes between involved parties to the max .NET, Sharepoint 2010 Hundeschule All in one app for dog interested people Obj-C, .NET, MySQL Ligato Real time strategy board game Obj-C Dribble King Easter Fun egg juggling app Obj-C ISTA Ingo Seibert personal training with individual training plans and personal feedback Obj-C, .NET, Mongo-DB Dribble King 2 Fun ball juggling app Obj-C Dribble King Fun ball juggling app Obj-C AdSpirit Stats App Accompanying app for one of the leading ad servers Obj-C Ortsdienst App App for one of the best German local information platforms Obj-C